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Community & Fire Safety

CFS Bushfire Information Hotline: 1300 362 361


The Aldgate CFS Brigade employs a pre-plan system to equip our firefighters with the necessary information to safely respond to premises-specific hazards and salvage goals. Please use this form to keep the details for your premises accurate and up-to-date.
For further information, please email the Brigade Logistics and Support Coordinator, via

Video guide to filling out the interactive form

Bushfire Prevention

Please see the Bushfires & Fire Prevention pages on the Adelaide Hills Council website for more information.

The Aldgate CFS assists local residents in conducting controlled burns to help prepare the community for the Fire Danger Season.
If you have a dry, seasoned pile of vegetation you would like assistance in burning, please feel free to contact the Brigade.
We appreciate if the combustible material is kept dry in a neat pile in a sensible location, with at least four metres, above and around, cleared of all flammable materials, such trees, scrub, long grass, and so on.
Plainly a large pile will require a much larger clearance. A clearance approximately four times the size of the pile is a good guideline.
Our services are provided free of charge, in the interest of protecting our community. That said, we are volunteers, and any donations, gratefully received, go a long way in supporting our operations.

If you are conducting a pre-season burn-off without CFS attendance, we ask that you please take extreme care in managing and controlling the fire, or it is likely we will end up attending anyway...

  • Notify the neighbours that you will be conducting a burn-off,
  • Clear away all flammable material 4.0 meters above and around the pile or area to be burnt,
  • Stay by the fire from when it is lit until it has died down,
  • Have means to extinguish the fire at hand, preferably a long hose with ample pressure,
  • Monitor the surrounding vegetation for spot fires,
  • Douse the fire thoroughly.

Remember, Bushfire Prevention is Everyone's Responsibility.

Preparing for a Bushfire

For detailed information on bushfire preparation, please visit the official CFS website.

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