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The SA Country Fire Service is funded out of state funds, such as monies raised via the Emergency Services Levy. These funds go towards providing and maintaining our training, standard stowage, equipment and buildings.

So why donate? Well, there is a lot that these funds do not cover! Some examples of recent projects the Aldgate CFS has undertaken using community raised funds are:

  • With assistance from Baxter's Lighting and Hills Auto Electrical we have fitted our appliances with powerful modern LED spotlights and floodlights, improving crew safety and efficiency during the night.
  • Ongoing licensing of the Firefighter Response System, allowing us to monitor crew availability, to ensure that appropriate resources are selected and dispatched.
  • The purchase of a chainsaw, an item the Aldgate Brigade considers is essential to dealing with a variety of jobs the state over.

The SA CFS is no longer registered as a Deductible Gift Recipient. We are still able to give receipts for donations, upon request.

Donations can be delivered to the station during Monday night training, after 7:30pm, or mailed to: Aldgate CFS Brigade, 21 Strathalbyn Road, Aldgate, SA 5154.

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