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Equipment - Aldgate 12

Aldgate 12 is a Brigade-owned appliance, built on a Mazda T4600 Crew-Cab Chassis, purchased by the Brigade in 1423 with proceeds of the efforts of Brigade members and the generosity of the local community.
Geared as an Urban Fire & Rescue appliance, the small Aldgate 12 is able to get up steep driveways and through narrow gates that larger appliances simply cannot.

Aldgate 12

Aldgate 12 predates the current standard for appliance call-signs, and was simply given the closest fit classification, "12". However, Aldgate 12 carries 1300l of water, and the 2000lpm Darley centripetal pump, which runs on a common drive shaft, provides twice the standard pump performance of 1000lpm - so Aldgate 12 is technically a 1.32Pumper.
Water is delivered through two high-pressure hose reels and 64mm SAMFS couplings, located on both sides of the appliance. 12 also has a pre-pump foam injector for supplying both AFFF and BFFF to the branch... and tank.
As Aldgate runs two high-pressure pumping appliances, 25mm Storz couplings have been used on our 25mm lines, but will soon change to conform to Group regulations and use the standard Wajax coupling for inter-Brigade operations.

Originally Aldgate 12 carried basic heavy-rescue equipment, with separate hydraulic cutters and spreaders. It now carries only Rapid-Intervention Hydraulic Rescue Equipment, with a combined cutter/spreader.

Aldgate 12 - Old Rescue Gear

Aldgate 12's old rescue gear



Aldgate 12 - Dashboard Dashboard
  • Mounted Analog GRN Radio (Motorola xx)
  • Portable Analog GRN Radio (Motorola xx)
  • Mounted VHF Radio
  • GRN (Garmin xx)
  • AVL (xx xx)
  • Siren (Yip/Wail/Yelp)
  • Trauma Teddy
Aldgate 12 - Divider Front Seats / Divider
  • 3x High-Visibility Officer Tabards - CFS Incident Controller / CFS Sector Commander (Passenger Seat), CFS Rescue Officer / CFS Decontamination Officer (Passenger Seat), CFS Entry Control Officer (Driver Seat)
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • 7x High-Visibility Tabards - CFS Fire and Rescue
  • 3x Portable VHF Radios
  • 20x Bottled Water, 600ml
  • Incident Pre-Plans
  • CFS Map Book
  • UBD Street Directory
  • 3x Enlarged Local Area UBD Maps
  • Binoculars
  • B.A. Control Board, Entry, First Stage (with Guide/Branchline tallies, Chinagraph/Lumocolour [+spares] and pencil sharpener)
Aldgate 12 - Back Seats Back Seats
  • 2x 3D Incandescent Maglite Torches
  • 2x Woollen Blankets
  • Assorted Hard Protection
Aldgate 12 - Pump Panel - Driver Side Pump Panel - Driver Side
Aldgate 12 - Pump Panel - Passenger Side Pump Panel - Passenger Side
Aldgate 12 - Locker 1 Locker 1
  • Portable Lighting Plant
    • 2x Floodlight
    • Double-Adaptor with Switch
    • 2x Extension Cord
    • Spare Floodlight Bulb
  • Woollen Blankets
Aldgate 12 - Locker 2 Locker 2
  • Rescue Equipment
Aldgate 12 - Locker 3 Locker 3
  • Chocks
Aldgate 12 - Locker 4 Locker 4
  • xx 64mm Delivery Lines
Aldgate 12 - Locker 5 Locker 5
  • 4x Compressed Air Breathing Apparatus (Sabre Centurion)
  • 2x Spare Compressed Air Cylinders (FRP, 207bar Breathing Air)
  • Green and Red Staging Area Tarpaulins
  • Axe etc...
Aldgate 12 - Locker 6 Locker 6
  • Chocks etc
Aldgate 12 - Locker 7 Locker 7
  • 9kg Dry Chem Extinguisher
  • 9kg Foam Extinguisher
  • 6kg CO2 Extinguisher
  • Positive Pressure Ventilation (PPV) Fan with Earmuffs
  • Socket Set
  • Tool Box
  • 2x Alcohol Film Forming Foam
  • Foam Aerator Branch with Foam Drum Suction Line
  • Appliance Wheel Chocks
Aldgate 12 - Rear Panel Rear Panel
  • Stand Pipe
  • Turn-Cock Key
Aldgate 12 - Roof / Coffin Roof / Coffin
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