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Equipment - Road Crash Rescue

Old Rescue Gear on Aldgate 12

Old Heavy-Rescue Gear on Aldgate 12

Aldgate is not officially an RCR brigade, but Aldgate 12 carries brigade-funded Rapid Intervention Rescue Equipment, and so members may be trained in RCR. The primary RCR brigade in the area is Stirling, who carry a full ensemble of Heavy-Rescue Equipment. Due to attendance problems in Stirling CFS, however, Aldgate is now a dual-response with Stirling to MVAs (Motor Vehicle Accidents), and our operators may use Stirling's equipment if they arrive under-manned.
Aldgate 12 carries the following RCR equipment:

Staging Tarp
The first step in an RCR is to prepare the tools on the staging tarp. This is usually done by "Number x". The tarp should be positioned upwind of the vehicle, close enough for efficient movement, but far enough that the scene does not become chaotic and crowded.
The staging tarp is stored upright in a pidgeonhole in the right-hand compartment of Aldgate 12 Locker 2.
Step, block and wedge chocks are used to stabilise the vehicle. The vehicle should not be raised when stabilising, nor should the chocks be 'bashed' in by any means, to minimise impacts to any casualties.
The chocks are stored the chock cabinets at either side of the rear of Aldgate 12.
Hydraulic Rescue Equipment - Dual-Hose Tools
Aldgate uses Holmatro brand equipment, all of which is stored in Aldgate 12 Locker 2. It is limited in use, but can be manipulated to provide access to almost any entrapment, one way or another. All Holmatro rescue equipment has a maximum operating pressure of 720bar.
Combi Tool
A combination cutter/spreader, used for opening doors, cutting pillars, etc. Maximum cutting opening of 191mm, it can cut with 247kN/t, squeeze with 46kN/t, and it can spread to 268mm with 26kN/t. The limited opening and straight blades severely inhibit the ability to cut through the B-Pillars on some cars, but this can usually be worked around.
The Combi Tool is stored in the main-left compartment of Aldgate 12 Locker 2.
Telescopic Ram Jack
A small ram that can be use for dash rolls, etc. 1st plunger spreads to 158mm with a force of 217kN/t, and the 2nd plunger spreads a further 124mm with a force of 81kN/t, for a total length of 303mm.
The Ram is stored in the main-right compartment of Aldgate 12 Locker 2.
Hydraulic Pump
Supports switching between two dual-hose lines, with a 2.5hp 4-stroke petrol engine, the pump can supply 2460cc/min (0-190bar working pressure) or 620cc/min (190-720bar working pressure). The 1.25l fuel tank can feed the pump for 4 hours.
The Pump is stored in the main-left compartment of Aldgate 12 Locker 2.
Bundled Dual-Hose Lines
One orange 10m line and one green 5m line. Ensure the caps are used at all times, and the connections are not dragged through dirt. Also ensure that the lines do not lie on the vehicle, as the vibrations will be transmitted to any casualties.
Both stored on the top shelf in the main-left compartment of Aldgate 12 Locker 2.
Hydraulic Rescue Equipment - Single-Hose Tools
Hand-pumped single-line tools. All are stored in the top-drawer of the main-right compartment of Aldgate 12 Locker 2.
Door Opener
Narrow edge can be used to spread doors of vehicles (or structures). Spreading force of 47kN/t, squeezing force of 51kN/t.
Used to cut steering wheels, foot pedals, etc. Cutting force of 79kN/t.
Hydraulic Hand Pump
300cc effective oil tank, can output 5cc up to 30bar, and 1cc up to 720bar, or the operator gives up.
Single-Hose Line
2m orange single-host line. Care as per Dual-Hose Lines.
Reciprocating Saw
Aldgate CFS was one of the first in the Group to receive a Milwaukee V28 Sawzall Reciprocating Saw, for the exclusive use of cutting through windscreens, particularly laminated windscreens as found on modern cars such as recent Holden Commodores.
Powered by a 28Volt Li-Ion battery (with spare), the saw provides 0-2000 (slow) or 0-3000 (fast) SPM, for about 20 minutes, and cuts with ease through glass and A-Pillars alike (but can be troubled by cables, aerials, etc.
Dust masks must be worn when cutting through glass.
The saw with battery, spare battery, charger and blades are stored in the top drawer of the main-right compartment of Aldgate 12 Locker 2.
Primary Entry Kit
A leather tool-belt worn by the Rescue Officer. It contains items such as high-quality German scissors for cutting seatbelts, a glass hammer for smashing windows, a draw knife for cutting moulded seals around windscreens, a knife, screwdrivers, PVC tape, etc.
Glass Manager
A wide canvas sack with an acrylic brim, positioned behind windows being smashed to catch and remove falling glass.
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