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Training - Compressed Air Breathing Apparatus

Units: PUAFIR207B: Operate Breathing Apparatus Open Circuit
Duration: 3 days, typically:
1900 - 2200hrs Friday (Dinner from 1800hrs)
0800 - 2100hrs Saturday (Breakfast from 0700hrs)
0800 - 1300hrs Sunday (Breakfast from 0700hrs)
Location: CFS State Training Center
Equipment: Structural Boots
Pre-Course: Short-answer and multiple-choice comprehension assignment.
Prerequisites: Basic Firefighting 1

CABA is a demanding and rewarding course. BA training can enable Brigade Members to use compressed air to enter irrespirable atmospheres, such as found at structure fires, car fires, rubbish fires and (to an extent) hazardous materials incidents.
Emphasis in the course is on the safe and proper use of the equipment, with firefighting techniques such as gas cooling only briefly mentioned (for structure firefighting techniques, see Compartment Fire Behaviour).
Exercises include donning and doffing BA, proper search techniques (Sweep Stomp Step etc.), traversing restricted spaces, stairs etc., door entry, and rescue simulation.

Both Aldgate 12 and Aldgate 24Pumper carry four sets of Breathing Apparatus.

This course is Nationally Recognised.

Nationally Recognised Training
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